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LIVE UPDATES: See full results of Virginia's June 23 US House primaries

Because of the significant increase in Virginians voting by mail this election, these races will likely not be called the night of the election.
Politics 2020-06-23T23:43:17Z
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Obama slams Trump for his 'shambolic' and 'mean-spirited approach' to governance in rare public rebuke against the president

"We can't be complacent or smug or say it's so obvious this president hasn't done a good job," Obama said of Trump. "Look. He won once."
trump rally

The city of Phoenix could fine the president and attendees $250 for refusing to wear masks at his rally

Though it's unlikely that citations will be handed out, the mayor said the event violates CDC guidelines advising social distancing and mask-wearing.
News 2020-06-23T22:48:08Z

Coronavirus concerns are front and center at Trump's rally in Phoenix as the number of hospitalizations surge in Arizona

Cases of COVID-19 are surging in Arizona, with public officials and public health experts concerned that Trump's rally could do further harm.

Trump is increasingly relying on white supremacist ploys to fire up his base as he panics over his re-election chances

Trump has repeatedly echoed the deceptions of white supremacists, which may be part of a broader strategy to exploit fear and prejudice.
News 2020-06-23T21:22:36Z

The US ramps up fight with China by taking another shot at 4 state-run media outlets operating in the states

The State Department has now designated a total of 9 Chinese media outlets at foreign missions. China is expected to retaliate.
Tech 2020-06-23T20:26:00Z

An Uber security contractor reportedly tackled a Black teen girl riding a Jump bike after the company hired the guards to recover stolen bikes

An employee told Vice that Uber's security contractors physically restrained people on multiple occasions while trying to retrieve the bikes.
Premium Politics 2020-06-23T19:59:46Z

Trump's aides called in ringers and fantasized about turning Air Force One around before the Tulsa rally debacle

The Oklahoma event has sparked soul-searching and finger-pointing as Trump's campaign looks for new footing with four months to go before Election Day.
Politics 2020-06-23T19:52:33Z

Twitter flags another Trump tweet for violating its policy against abusive behavior

"There will never be an 'Autonomous Zone' in Washington, D.C., as long as I'm your President. If they try they will be met with serious force," he said.
Premium Healthcare 2020-06-23T19:22:00Z
Markets 2020-06-23T19:14:58Z

A top Trump economic adviser says the next wave of stimulus checks should go to 'people who lost their jobs and are most in need'

The comments from Larry Kudlow suggest the top economic adviser favors tightening eligibility for another wave of stimulus checks.
Politics 2020-06-23T19:09:49Z

Mueller prosecutor will testify that DOJ leaders sought a weaker sentence for Roger Stone because they were 'afraid of the president'

Attorney General William Barr and other top leaders intervened at the last minute to ask for a more lenient sentence for Stone.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-06-23T18:35:00Z

Meet the Trumps: How America's first family arrived in New York on a steamship from Germany in 1885 and built a sprawling empire in 4 generations

President Trump's niece, Mary Trump, is set to publish a book about the prominent family releasing in July 2020.
Military & Defense 2020-06-23T18:22:13Z

Trump wants to use this little known law to send protesters defacing and toppling statues to prison for 10 years

The law does not apply to many statues that have been targeted, such as those honoring segregationists, Confederate leaders and explorers.
Opinion 2020-06-23T18:00:00Z

Trump's visa ban is terrible for America

The Trump administration pointed to the weak economy as a reason for the visa suspension, but that is a miserable excuse and makes no sense.

Trump's latest treaty withdrawal shows how the US is losing its imagination for dealing with global problems

"Our current lack of imagination is so unlike the spirit of possibility we had then," writes Bonnie Jenkins, a member of the US delegation that negotiated the Open Skies Treaty.
Markets 2020-06-23T17:34:00Z

Trump reportedly supports sending another wave of $1,200 stimulus checks because he believes it will help him win reelection

The White House has been divided on whether another round of direct payments should be included in a future economic relief package.
Tech 2020-06-23T17:28:33Z

A top German court just dealt a blow to Facebook's data-collection efforts

American social media giant Facebook is ensnared in a legal antitrust battle in Germany over data collection.
Premium Enterprise 2020-06-23T17:27:09Z

Microsoft president Brad Smith slams Trump's order suspending work visas: 'Now is not the time to cut our nation off from the world's talent'

Microsoft is one of the most prolific sponsors of highly skilled immigrant visas. Brad Smith condemned a Trump order to suspend those visas.
Politics 2020-06-23T17:17:43Z

Trump criticizes the 'Fake News' for refusing to put a positive spin on the US coronavirus response, which has left over 120,000 dead

More Americans have died under Trump's watch in 115 days than all of the combat deaths in US wars since 1945 combined.
News 2020-06-23T17:16:07Z

North Korea is about to drop cigarette butts, trash, and 12 million propaganda leaflets onto South Korea in its latest psychological-warfare move

According to state media, the propaganda leaflets express "the wrath and hatred" of the North Korean people.
Politics 2020-06-23T16:56:28Z

Dr. Fauci testifies that Trump never told him to 'slow down' coronavirus testing

"To my knowledge, none of us have ever been told to slow down on testing," Dr. Anthony Fauci told Congress under oath. "That just is a fact."
News 2020-06-23T16:55:00Z

The pandemic isn't slowing down protests in NYC, Lebanon, and Hong Kong — here's how people are balancing protests with coronavirus safety

We checked in with protesters in three cities who are fighting for basic rights while trying to stay safe from the coronavirus.

LIVE UPDATES: Follow the results of the Democratic primary in New York's 17th Congressional District

A crowded field of candidates are vying for the Democratic nomination to replace retiring Rep. Nita Lowey in this Hudson Valley-based district.

LIVE UPDATES: Follow the results of the Democratic primary in New York's 16th Congressional District

Rep. Eliot Engel, who has served in Congress since 1989 and chairs the powerful House Foreign Relations Committee, is fighting for his political life.
Markets 2020-06-23T16:05:22Z

A new GOP bill would give each taxpayer $4,000 to take a vacation anywhere in the US through the end of 2021

The legislation would try to jolt more economic activity by encouraging domestic travel. But experts say low-income people would be left out.
Military & Defense 2020-06-23T15:44:50Z

Russia could be using its detention of a US Marine veteran to lure Trump into a dangerous prisoner swap, intelligence officials say

Russia has been quietly pitching the US to return Viktor Bout, a notorious arms dealer, in exchange for Paul Whelan, officials told Insider.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-06-23T15:43:00Z

Donald Trump has lost $1 billion during the pandemic. Here's how he spends his $2.1 billion fortune, from a fleet of private aircraft to real estate in NYC, Palm Beach, and St. Martin.

The coronavirus pandemic has devastated industries where Trump does business, such as hospitality and commercial real estate.
Politics 2020-06-23T15:17:00Z

NYC rapper Paperboy Prince could become the first nonbinary candidate to win a primary bid for Congress

Prince is challenging a 14-term incumbent in their long-shot primary bid for New York's 7th Congressional District.

LIVE UPDATES: See the full results of the Democratic primary in New York's 15th Congressional District

The controversial Councilman Rubén Díaz Sr. and Councilman Ritchie Torres are the frontrunners in the South Bronx-based seat.
Opinion 2020-06-23T15:04:44Z

Stop taking the police solely at their word

NYPD and union brass created a fake story about a Shake Shack "poisoning." It's time to treat cops like any other source, with reasonable skepticism.

LIVE UPDATES: Follow the results of the Democratic primary in New York's 9th district

Rep. Yvette Clarke faces a re-match against organizer Adem Bunkeddeko, who won 47% of the vote against her in 2018.
Politics 2020-06-23T14:37:02Z

'I don't kid': Trump says he wasn't joking about telling officials to slow COVID-19 testing, contradicting aides

"I don't kid," Trump said when asked to clarify whether or not he had been joking when he said he called for testing to be slowed down.

LIVE UPDATES: Follow the results for Kentucky's Democratic primary for the US Senate

Former Lt. Colonel Amy McGrath and Kentucky State Representative Charles Booker are competing in the Democratic primary to face Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
News 2020-06-23T14:10:00Z

The US economy depends on immigrants who fill necessary positions that help boost many industries. Trump's extended halt on immigration could have negative consequences for Americans.

Immigrants tend to work in roles that complement American jobs and also contribute significantly to entrepreneurship and economic growth.

LIVE UPDATES: See full results of New York's presidential and congressional primaries

Because clerks cannot start counting absentee ballots until days after the election, most New York races won't be called until next week.

The 'Students for Trump' campaign scrapped online registration for his next event after TikTok teens hijacked sign-ups for his Tulsa rally

Teens and K-pop fans reportedly flooded the registration form for Trump's June 20 rally in Tulsa, leading the campaign to expect a huge turnout.
Politics 2020-06-23T12:24:22Z

The Trump administration has called Huawei a 'parasite' and warned Boris Johnson not to let it attach to the UK

The Trump administration is furious with Boris Johnson over plans to build a Huawei research centre in England.
Politics 2020-06-23T11:54:34Z

Trump called for protesters who deface statues to face prison time, after demonstrators targeted a statue of President Andrew Jackson right outside the White House

"I have ized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument," Trump tweeted.
Politics 2020-06-23T11:41:59Z

Boris Johnson says people can go to pubs, restaurants, and hairdressers and meet friends and family indoors from July 4

Johnson's government also introduced a new "1-metre-plus" guideline to replace the 2-metre restriction.
Politics 2020-06-23T11:26:39Z

Evidence of Russia's 'likely hold' over Trump was covered up by the UK government, according to a former British spy

Christopher Steele, a former MI6 spy, said Theresa May's government threw a "blanket" over information about Trump's ties to Putin.
Politics 2020-06-23T10:53:50Z

Seattle mayor says ities will shut down the cop-free autonomous zone after outbursts of violence and 2 shootings

The zone was meant to be a haven from police brutality, but a series of violent incidents have prompted calls for ities to step in.
Politics 2020-06-23T10:44:12Z

A House committee is investigating the Department of 真人百家家乐网站homeland Security after it gave Nigel Farage special permission to enter the US for Trump's Tulsa rally

DHS allowed the leader of the Brexit Party to enter the US despite travel restrictions last Friday, saying it was "in the national interest."
Science 2020-06-23T09:54:07Z

The White House has halted mandatory COVID-19 temperature checks and symptom screening for most visitors and staff

Checks will remain for those in "close proximity" to President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

The Trump campaign is rethinking massive arena rallies after Saturday's poor turnout in Tulsa

President Donald Trump's campaign planned for an overflow crowd at the Oklahoma rally but ended up filling the arena itself by only about a third.
Politics 2020-06-23T09:37:31Z

Trump's trade adviser embarrassingly retracted a claim that a US deal with China was 'over'

Trade adviser Peter Navarro walked back a statement made in a Fox interview that a deal was "over" while Trump took to Twitter to say it's still on.
Politics 2020-06-23T09:13:17Z

Saudi Arabia banned Hajj for international visitors this year due to the coronavirus, forfeiting as much as $4 billion in revenue

Around 70% of Muslims who complete the Hajj each year come from outside Saudi Arabia, meaning the government will lose out on billions in revenue.
News 2020-06-23T05:44:00Z

Trump reportedly bragged to campaign officials about how well he did on a cognitive screening tests from two years ago

President Trump is allegedly preoccupied with defending his mental and physical wellness in an effort to not look weak, The Washington Post reported.
Politics 2020-06-23T03:52:48Z

Vice President Mike Pence and half a dozen of senior advisers in the Trump administration have voted by mail in the past, which is at odds with how the president views the voting method

Trump has railed against state efforts to expand access to mail-in voting as an alternative to waiting in lines at polling places during a pandemic.
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