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Republicans know Trump's attempt to overturn the election is dangerous, but they're too cowardly to fight it

The GOP got sucked into the cult of the Orange Man, and now they're too scared to stand up to it — even when it threatens American democracy.
Opinion 2020-12-02T13:04:00Z
GettyImages economy covid

The COVID-19 vaccine news is fantastic, but the US economy is still in deep trouble. Congress needs to pass a bill to help avoid a disaster.

As welcome as a COVID-19 vaccine is, if Congress doesn't help stabilize the economy and provide stimulus, it won't save us from another recession.
Opinion 2020-12-01T13:26:00Z
gun violence

Gun violence has become a disturbing public health crisis. The Biden administration must step in and immediately do something about it.

Shootings and gun violence have soared this year. Joe Biden's administration represents a chance to finally enact some change on this crisis.

The contentious 1991 gubernatorial race in Louisiana between ex-KKK leader and Republican David Duke and Democrat Edwin Edwards shows the path forward for progressives in the South.

Despite winning the presidency, Democrats had an awful 2020. Here's how progressives in the South can learn from history to pave a path forward.

2020 shattered voting records. But once Trump is off the ballot, the GOP — and Democrats — may have trouble matching that turnout.

Trump pushed rural voters to turn out for the GOP and suburban voters to turn out for Democrats. Can either party match that now that Trump is gone?
Opinion 2020-11-29T13:04:00Z

Building the future of work, right now

Californians voted to pass legislation that confirms the desire to achieve benefits for gig-workers. Moves like this will be instrumental to recovery.
Opinion 2020-11-28T14:10:00Z

Small businesses won't survive winter and another crushing COVID-19 wave unless Congress acts now

Congress must secure a new aid package for small businesses that includes funding for testing and PPE, and tax credits for winter expenses.
Opinion 2020-11-27T14:35:00Z

I watched James Woods play Rudy Giuliani in a 2003 TV biopic, made before both became national embarrassments

It's hard to fathom now, but Woods was once a respected character actor and Giuliani was admired for being a calm, empathetic leader.
Opinion 2020-11-27T13:27:00Z

The gruesome spectacle of the GOP's bad-faith holiday tantrum

Democrats are promoting caution for the holidays. The GOP is engaging in bad faith arguments. The result of this will be a spike in COVID-19 cases.
Opinion 2020-11-25T16:46:02Z

Trump's about to turn the GOP into one long, humiliating episode of 'The Apprentice'

Instead of vying for the approval of a president who doesn't care about the party, GOP politicians will vie for the approval of a private citizen who doesn't care about their party.

I'm an American who has lived abroad for 10 years. Between the pandemic and the election, 2020 has been the weirdest year to be away from my 真人百家家乐网站home country.

As an American abroad, I watched in horror as the COVID-19 cases in the US spiked. From the outside looking in, my friends had many questions.

Republicans sold out democracy to appease Trump's loser tantrum

The GOP will admit Joe Biden won the election now that the General Services Administration started the transition, but the damage is already done.

There's a clear way for Joe Biden to fight for justice and show his commitment to the Black voters who put him in the White House

Black voters pushed Joe Biden over the finish line because they believed Joe can help reform the criminal justice system. Now he has to deliver.
Opinion 2020-11-22T15:33:00Z

As a former Democratic US Senator, I believe in Joe Biden. But I also believe his plan to raise corporate taxes will hurt the US economy when it needs help the most

Former Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln served on the Senate Finance Committee and believes that Biden's corporate tax rate is a mistake.
Opinion 2020-11-22T15:03:00Z

We run the largest health system in New York and treated more than 100,000 COVID cases. Here's how the US can better tackle the pandemic.

Northwell Health has treated more than 100,000 COVID-19 cases across New York City. Here is how we can prepare for the next resurgence.

Biden's climate change policies are better than Trump's, but they still aren't enough to prevent a climate catastrophe

While it may be better than what Trump has accomplished, Biden's plan is not the kind of decisive action that experts and activists are calling for.
Opinion 2020-11-22T14:04:00Z

It's time for liberals to stop fat shaming Donald Trump

When you make fun of Donald Trump's obesity, he can't hear you. But your friends and family who are overweight can.

Trump's embarrassing, incompetent, humiliating, very sad coup

Trump attempts to throw out votes and and use Rudy Giuliani to overturn the election results are a sad attempt at a coup.

The 2020 election — especially in my 真人百家家乐网站home state of Alaska — is proof that the US needs to have national voting standards

Alaska didn't start counting mail-in ballots until a week after the election when the race had been called, causing voters to feel disenfranchised.
Opinion 2020-11-21T15:36:00Z

The finance industry has been too white and too male for too long. That needs to change.

In the wake of social justice reforms in the corporate world, one industry is in especially dire need of a reckoning: the asset management industry.
Opinion 2020-11-21T14:32:00Z

If the US doesn't start to meaningfully help African nations, China will have a blank check to control growing African industries

The US is quietly losing the resource war in Africa to China. Here's how the Biden Administration, in re-engaging with Africa, can change that.

Voter-fraud debunking journalist Isaac Saul talks about his viral election thread and why the conspiracy theories put poll workers in danger

Isaac Saul's viral Twitter thread debunks each Trumpworld fake voter fraud claim, one tweet at a time.
Premium Opinion 2020-11-20T18:16:30Z

This is what it looks like when things fall apart

Rudy Giuliani's pathetic press conference underscored how little President Trump has to back his claims of election fraud. It was also hilarious.

Evangelical voters help put Trump in the White House. They also helped deny him a second term.

Live by evangelicals, die by evangelicals. Trump's 2016 victory can be tied to overwhelming support from evangelicals, but so can his 2020 loss.
Opinion 2020-11-19T18:48:22Z

Cuomo is obliterating his own (undeserved) COVID hero myth

Andrew Cuomo was America's COVID sweetheart, but he's revealed himself again and again to be a dissembling, short-tempered narcissist.
Opinion 2020-11-19T16:27:00Z

Social-media innovation is dead

Twitter Fleets look like Facebook Stories, which look like Instagram Stories, which look like Snapchat stories. Yup, social media all looks the same.

The 2020 election was a perfect example of the weaknesses — and strengths — of political polls

Surveys in states like Florida and Wisconsin exposed the problems with political polling. But that doesn't mean all polls are fundamentally flawed.
Opinion 2020-11-18T17:03:43Z

America's COVID-19 response grows more nonsensical, even as the pandemic gets worse

As the pandemic gets out of control, America's COVID-19 response is a politically driven, toxically narcissistic, tribalistic mess.

Trump's refusal to concede not only hurts America's democratic message abroad, it also gives a useful tool to the world's itarians

The US just lost a lot of credibility when it comes to calling out other nations' bad behavior, and this could boost the world's dictators.
Premium Tech 2020-11-17T16:19:00Z

Apple may be the king of podcasting, but Spotify's purchase of Megaphone shows that it's planning a coup

Podcasting has always been sort of a side project for Apple, the default option. Spotify appears to be deadly serious about dethroning them.

I was a Democratic poll challenger in Detroit. I watched the absentee vote count and can assure you that Trump and the GOP's fraud claims are nonsense.

Opinion | Republicans at a Detroit vote-counting center were disruptive, combative, and deliberately obtuse.

Brace yourself for the most dangerous 65 days of Trump's presidency

Trump's political invincibility is shattered, and with it his presidential immunity to criminal investigations. He's got nothing left to lose.

As someone with a disability, Biden's inclusion of 'disability' in his victory speech was monumental

Only Obama had acknowledged our community before. Now, Biden gives me hope that people with disabilities will be seen and heard during his presidency.

The 2020 election just cemented another 10 years of Republican rule

While Joe Biden won the presidency, the losses that Democrats took around the country could keep Republicans in power for another 10 years.
Opinion 2020-11-15T15:28:00Z

Health workers born outside of the US are essential in our fight against the coronavirus. Sadly, America is failing them.

The US has long relied on foreign-born health workers, yet more migrant workers are getting sick and dying from COVID-19 than other health workers.
Opinion 2020-11-15T15:09:00Z

ICE is putting people who were released due to COVID-19 concerns back in jails. The decision is dangerous as the country enters another wave

Calls to reduce prison populations have been morally just, and now, during an international pandemic, it makes more sense than ever before.

Native voters aren't 'something else' — we helped swing the presidential election

In a graphic used during a live CNN broadcast, Native voters were labeled "something else," yet Native voters helped flip key states like Arizona.

If the GOP doesn't quit its Trump addiction it'll suck the life out of American democracy

It's pitiful to see most of Trump's party join him in burning everything down after his loss, and it does not bode well for the future of our country.

Trump's post-presidency is going to be boisterous and belligerent. And that will cause headaches for Biden, the media, and the US economy.

Trump is not going to go away quietly after he leaves the presidency. His rule-shattering yelling is going to be a problem for Biden and the country.
Opinion 2020-11-14T15:33:00Z

Fighting climate change isn't just about saving the planet, it's also about boosting the US economy and helping American workers

Polls show Americans are concerned about the economy. A shift to clean energy will create millions of new jobs and protect our economy and our future.
Opinion 2020-11-14T15:02:00Z

The pandemic was supposed to break relationships and drive a wave of divorces. But in reality, most couples have drawn closer.

A recent survey shows that most couples saw their relationship improve during quarantine. This could be because enduring hardship draws couples closer.
Opinion 2020-11-14T14:33:00Z

Asian American businesses are facing racist obstacles driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. They need our support.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Asian American businesses have faced racism that affects their bottom line. It's up to us to help keep them afloat.

Trump, a boatload of internet grifters, and feckless Republicans have teamed up to make a mockery of democracy

Internet "skeptics" are amplifying Trump's fake voter fraud claims. The GOP is using it to raise campaign funds.
Premium Opinion 2020-11-13T16:50:58Z

Larry Ellison's wacky TikTok plan exposes Oracle's glaring problem

The old-school business-to-business software maker is in the middle of geopolitical brouhaha, and there's a very good reason for that.
Opinion 2020-11-13T16:21:45Z

To combat the COVID-19 economic downturn, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy passed a millionaire's tax. Here's why he says that's good for everyone.

Wealthy people analyze "total value proposition" and make their decisions accordingly, Murphy, a former Goldman Sachs executive, said.
Premium Tech 2020-11-13T16:17:27Z

Amazon's biggest strength isn't its size or delivery network — it's the data. Now the EU wants to rein it in.

Amazon was hit with an EU antitrust complaint, arguing the company uses data collected from third-party sellers to inform its own retail strategies.
Opinion 2020-11-13T13:27:00Z

SHERYL SANDBERG: Women entrepreneurs are struggling with a 'double-double shift' during the pandemic. Technology can help.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg weighs in on the challenges female entrepreneurs are facing during the pandemic and how tech companies can help.

Of course Trump is trying to burn it all down. What else did you expect?

The GOP's refusal to accept Trump lost the election is putting America on edge. But did we really expect Trump and his people to go quietly?
Opinion 2020-11-11T17:14:59Z

Just like in 2008, Joe Biden is coming into the White House during an economic crisis. But we are in much better shape this time around.

Consumer spending hasn't cratered, the economy is bouncing back, and a vaccine is on the horizon. Joe Biden is taking over a healing US economy.
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