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News 2020-06-24T00:19:02Z

Walmart will remove Mississippi flags from its stores due to its depiction of Confederate emblem

The Confederate emblem was placed in the upper left corner of the flag in 1894 by White supremacists, according to the Associated Press.

LIVE UPDATES: See full results of Virginia's June 23 US House primaries

Because of the significant increase in Virginians voting by mail this election, these races will likely not be called the night of the election.
Science 2020-06-24T00:02:00Z

These 5 factors are transforming the healthcare experience for both patients and doctors

Business Insider Intelligence has created an infographic showcasing compelling statistics from its recent digital health research.
Tech 2020-06-23T23:51:34Z

The cofounder of Cards Against Humanity has resigned from the company after allegations arose he fostered a sexist and racist culture

Former employees say the company ignored concerns about offensive game cards from people of color, and they feared speaking up or speaking out.
Premium Tech 2020-06-23T23:51:00Z

DoNotPay, the surging startup that helps you fight parking tickets and break up with your gym, just raised $12 million at a valuation over $80 million

The Series A funding is from existing investors Coatue, Andreessen Horowitz, and Founders Fund. The app is gaining traction during the downturn.
Politics 2020-06-23T23:43:17Z

Obama slams Trump for his 'shambolic' and 'mean-spirited approach' to governance in rare public rebuke against the president

"We can't be complacent or smug or say it's so obvious this president hasn't done a good job," Obama said of Trump. "Look. He won once."
Premium Tech 2020-06-23T23:33:00Z

Renowned VC Marc Andreessen says he gets no emotional rush when he wins big on an investment, and that keeps him from making irrational bets. 'I actually don't have the gambling gene'

Although Marc Andreessen said he doesn't feel a dopamine rush when he gambles, he sometimes approaches VC like a professional poker player.
Strategy 2020-06-23T23:24:00Z

3 key things to know about Trump's freeze on work visas, according to an immigration lawyer

President Trump suspended new work visas for immigrants until at least December 31, 2020. Here's what you should know, according to a lawyer.
Finance 2020-06-23T23:01:00Z

THE MONETIZATION OF OPEN BANKING: How legacy institutions can use open banking to develop new revenue streams, reach more customers, and avoid losing out to neobanks and fintechs

Business Insider Intelligence identifies various open banking monetization strategies and outlines actionable steps to make them successful.

The city of Phoenix could fine the president and attendees $250 for refusing to wear masks at his rally

Though it's unlikely that citations will be handed out, the mayor said the event violates CDC guidelines advising social distancing and mask-wearing.
News 2020-06-23T22:48:08Z

Coronavirus concerns are front and center at Trump's rally in Phoenix as the number of hospitalizations surge in Arizona

Cases of COVID-19 are surging in Arizona, with public officials and public health experts concerned that Trump's rally could do further harm.
Science 2020-06-23T22:36:00Z

The US's failed coronavirus response continues to snowball — even as federal officials insist they're 'winning the fight'

White House officials continue to insist that the outbreak is contained. The numbers show that's not the case.
Premium Tech 2020-06-23T22:36:00Z

Meet the 15 Google execs who report to CEO Sundar Pichai and are leading the internet company's most critical businesses

Google is facing big new challenges, from the pandemic to regulatory scrutiny. Here's the team of execs backing up CEO Sundar Pichai.
Transportation 2020-06-23T22:34:53Z

The all-new Ford F-150 pickup arrives this week. Here's why it's been America's best-selling truck for over 4 decades.

The F-150 underwent a risky redesign for the 13th generation of the vehicle — arguably the riskiest since the truck first arrived in 1947.
Premium Enterprise 2020-06-23T22:26:06Z

Former employees at Microsoft's Mixer say the company failed to take action on misconduct complaints about 'toxic working conditions' and racist comments

Ex-employees of game streaming platform Mixer say Microsoft failed to act on complaints about racist comments, and "toxic working conditions."
Personal Finance 2020-06-23T22:24:00Z

Here are the best money market accounts right now

Each of the best money market accounts has a competitive APY, is FDIC-insured, and is appropriate for modest and super savers alike.
Tech 2020-06-23T22:17:15Z

Ben & Jerry's just joined the growing list of advertisers boycotting Facebook over the platform's lack of hate speech moderation

Top civil rights groups called on advertisers to abandon Facebook, saying the company refused to take steps to curb misinformation and hate speech.
Tech 2020-06-23T22:16:00Z

How to change your YouTube password, which is also the password for your Google account

To change your YouTube password, you'll need to change your Google account's password, as they're the same password.
Advertising 2020-06-23T22:07:29Z

Facebook's bad week, inside The Athletic, and Red Bull's reckoning

Things look bad for Facebook as a growing number of brands boycott, but the reality is more complicated than that.
Tech 2020-06-23T22:06:00Z

How to delete saved passwords on Google Chrome, so that your login data isn't stored by Google

You can delete saved passwords on Chrome through your Google account's "Security" menu, which holds your usernames and passwords.
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