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App Store

Premium Tech 2020-11-24T18:07:00Z

Apple's move to cut App Store commissions in half is a start, but it won't fix its developer relations problem

Apple's feuds with larger developers are creating a worse user experience, which goes against the company's "it just works" philosophy.
Premium Tech 2020-11-24T16:32:14Z

iOS apps on the Mac are mostly bad, but Apple doesn't need them to be good — yet

"Having iOS apps on your Mac is something of a novelty. The experience isn't great, but it's interesting that they're there at all. And for now, that's enough."
Tech 2020-11-19T17:15:36Z

Google is circumventing Apple's ban on video game streaming apps with a web-based version of Stadia

Apple notoriously doesn't allow video game streaming services on the iPhone and iPad, but Google may have just figured out how to get around that.
Tech 2020-11-19T12:33:40Z

'A cynical ploy to divide and conquer': Apple's big App Store fee cut enraged its biggest adversaries in its developer war, including Spotify and Epic Games

Apple has reduced its commission on App Store in-app payments, but only for small developers. Spotify called it "arbitrary and capricious."
Tech 2020-11-18T16:40:38Z

Facebook just launched a new app named where users can create 'personalized spaces' that look like Tumblr pages

Facebook's latest experiment is an app that allows users to create easily shareable websites that look like a cross between scrapbooks and Tumblr.
Tech 2020-11-18T11:50:44Z

Apple is slashing its App Store payment fees in half for smaller developers, to 15% from 30%

Apple has cut its commission on in-app purchases to 15%, from 30%, for developers making less than $1 million a year on the App Store.
Tech 2020-11-16T22:46:00Z

How to use Skype on an iPad to call or chat with your contacts

To use Skype on your iPad, you have to download it from the App Store on your iPad and log into your account.
Tech 2020-10-19T15:59:45Z

Google pulled its emergency location-sharing app and told people to use Maps instead — but in the switch, users will lose 1 key feature

Google Maps requires you to actively broadcast your location to friends and family — Trusted Contacts, designed for emergencies, does not.
Tech 2020-10-17T01:00:00Z

How to track your sleep with an Apple Watch using the built-in Sleep app or third-party apps

You can track your sleep on an Apple Watch using the default Sleep app, or go for a third-party app with more advanced analytics.
Tech 2020-10-07T21:26:17Z

Apple Arcade violates the same App Store policies that are keeping Xbox Game Pass and Google Stadia off of iOS, says former App Store leader

Video game streaming services can't launch on the iPhone and iPad App Store, and the former App Store director said it's because of Apple Arcade.
Tech 2020-10-07T19:19:07Z

House lawmakers just released a massive report decrying Big Tech's power, and it's adding fuel to Apple's ongoing feud with developers

The 449-page report is a sign that Apple's conflict with developers over its App Store policies is far from being over.
Tech 2020-09-30T19:08:00Z

An email app developer that's been at odds with Apple says the iPhone maker stonewalled its app update for weeks

It's the latest development in concerns about Apple's App Store policies and rules, and comes as Apple is locked in a legal battle with Epic Games.
Tech 2020-09-30T01:29:04Z

Apple's services, including the App Store, iCloud, and Apple Music are down for some users

You're not alone. Users reported outages Tuesday evening across a variety of Apple's services, in some cases preventing them from logging in.
Premium Tech 2020-09-26T14:45:00Z

Here's the pitch deck that $60 million startup RevenueCat used to raise $15 million from the likes of Index Ventures to help app developers make more money

This 11-page pitch deck helped Y-combinator startup RevenueCat raise $15 million with Index Ventures and build a $60 million valuation.
Tech 2020-09-25T16:49:16Z

Apple is temporarily scrapping its controversial 30% App Store fee for Facebook's new online events feature

Apple is letting Facebook temporarily process payments for its online events feature, meaning event hosts won't be subject to Apple's fee.
Tech 2020-09-24T12:39:04Z

Spotify, Epic Games, and Match Group have allied to take on Apple in the raging App Store war

App developers including Spotify, Epic Games, and Match Group announced a new non-profit called the Coalition for App Fairness.
Tech 2020-09-21T17:56:10Z

iOS 14 allows users to customize the iPhone's 真人百家家乐网站home screen more than ever before with widgets. Here's how to do it.

Apps like WidgetSmith create even more detailed customization to transform iPhone 真人百家家乐网站home screens like never before.
Tech 2020-09-18T20:12:48Z

The Department of the Treasury is reportedly looking into the American companies behind 'Fortnite' and 'League of Legends' over their ties to Chinese tech titan Tencent

After banning TikTok and WeChat for connections to China, the US government is setting its sights on the makers of "Fortnite" and "League of Legends."
Tech 2020-09-18T13:44:29Z

People are scrambling to download TikTok after the Trump administration issued an order banning it from app stores

The app shot up to the second slot on Apple's App Store charts Friday morning after the administration's announcement.
Tech 2020-09-16T14:14:08Z

Nintendo and other iPhone app developers warn users not to update to iOS 14 or they could experience glitches

Developers found out on Tuesday they had 24 hours to prepare their apps for iOS 14 when Tim Cook announced the update would launch the next day.
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