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2020 election

Trump doesn't have until November 3 to turn around his faltering reelection campaign

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tens of millions of voters will mail in their ballots or vote early several weeks before November 3.

These are the top 25 US presidents, according to historians and biographers (and why you won't find Trump on the list)

Historians rated the US presidents on leadership qualities. If you're looking for Donald Trump's ranking, you'll have to wait until he leaves office.

3 things you can do right now to make voting easier and help avoid an election catastrophe in November

Making your plan to vote now, requesting your ballot as soon as possible if you're voting by mail, and volunteering at the polls all make a difference

GOP Congressman Scott Tipton was defeated by right-wing primary challenger Lauren Boebert in Colorado's 3rd congressional district

Boebert, a business owner and gun rights advocate, manages a gun-themed restaurant called Shooters Grill.

John Hickenlooper wins the Democratic primary for US Senate in Colorado

Former Gov. John Hickenlooper defeated Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff in the Democratic primary to face Sen. Cory Gardner

Biden tears into Trump's handling of the pandemic: 'We don't need a cheerleader, Mr. President. We need a president.'

On masks, Biden said: "It may be inconvenient. It may be uncomfortable. But it's the right thing to do as an American."

LIVE UPDATES: Follow the results of Utah's gubernatorial and congressional primaries

Lt. Gov Spencer Cox, State Rep. Gregory Hughes, Republican party official Thomas Wright, and former Gov. Jon Hunstman are running for governor in Utah.

LIVE UPDATES: Follow the results of Oklahoma's June 30 primary elections

The biggest race to watch is the Republican primary in Oklahoma's fifth congressional district to challenge vulnerable Democratic Rep. Kendra Horn.

Amy McGrath won Kentucky's Democratic primary for US Senate to face Mitch McConnell in November

Former Lt. Colonel Amy McGrath won a tighter-than-expected race against Kentucky State Representative Charles Booker to run against McConnell.

LIVE UPDATES: See full results of New York's presidential and congressional primaries

There are competitive Democratic primaries still yet to be called this week, including in New York's 15th and 12th districts.

LIVE UPDATES: See the full results of the Democratic primary in New York's 15th Congressional District

The controversial Councilman Rubén Díaz Sr. and Councilman Ritchie Torres are the frontrunners in the South Bronx-based seat.

Jacksonville says it will require mask-wearing indoors ahead of Trump's convention speech

The reason Jacksonville is going to host Trump in the first place stems from the president's frustrations over North Carolina's COVID restrictions.

Republicans have been playing a win at all costs game for years. It's time for Democrats to fight back

Republicans have been a minority party for years but have still retained power. It's time for Democrats to put an end to this disparity.

The George Floyd protests may become a defining moment in the future of American politics

The level of activism that came after George Floyd's death feels different. Here's how it can define the country going forward.

Kentucky proved naysayers like Hillary Clinton wrong and showed how states can still run successful elections in a pandemic

Voter suppression fears in Kentucky's primaries proved overblown, but it revealed flaws and concerns for November, when a voter ID law may be in effect.

Pelosi says the House won't impeach AG Barr: 'Let's solve our problems by going to the polls and voting on Election Day'

"One hundred and thirty one days from now, we will have the solution to many problems, one of them being Barr," Speaker Pelosi said.

Biden is crushing Trump in key swing states, and his polling among white voters could spell real trouble for the president

Trump is sinking into a deeper hole in crucial battleground states as voters give him poor marks for his handling of COVID-19 and race relations

Trump's coronavirus tragedy is getting worse

Instead of attacking the pandemic head-on, Trump has left the US leaderless as cases spike in places like Florida and Texas.

Jamaal Bowman unseats long-time congressman Eliot Engel in a major upset in New York's 16th Congressional District

Bowman defeated Engel, who has served in Congress since 1989 and chairs the powerful House Foreign Relations Committee, on a progressive platform.

'Elections matter': Biden receives endorsement from United Farm Workers, which represents thousands of employees in agriculture

"We need leadership that respects the roles and contributions of all Americans," UFW President Teresa Romero said in a statement.
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