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Premium Media 2020-12-02T22:29:41Z
Erin Winters

A YouTube star with over 200,000 subscribers explains how much money she's made each month in 2020

Erin Winters shared with Business Insider how much money she makes as an influencer and how she grew her YouTube channel.
Advertising 2020-12-02T21:55:29Z
Jeff bezos

Amazon eyes podcast company Wondery

Business Insider's top advertising and media stories for December 3.
Premium Media 2020-12-02T21:27:09Z
FashionNova logo

Leaked Fashion Nova campaign briefs reveal what it's offering to pay influencers for sponsored content, which some managers say is far below market rate

Talent managers and agents who work with YouTube creators, Instagram influencers, and TikTok stars shared examples of a Fashion Nova campaign ask.
Premium Advertising 2020-12-02T20:47:29Z

Red Havas is making big bets on services like e-commerce and ad buying, and it shows how public relations firms are growing beyond traditional PR

Red Havas is the North America, Australia, Asia, and London arm of Havas Group's $225 million PR business.
Media 2020-12-02T20:39:03Z

What influencers should know before signing with a talent manager and red flags to look out for, according to industry experts

Not all influencers sign with managers, but for those being approached by agencies or are looking to sign with management, here's what to know.
Premium Tech 2020-12-02T20:32:53Z

EXCLUSIVE: Former TechCrunch and Pando journalist Paul Carr is starting a new publication to keep tech CEOs 'awake at night'

Carr built his career going after powerful tech execs. He's assembled Silicon Valley's most outspoken critics to write for his new site, Tech Worker.
Media 2020-12-02T18:56:52Z

Seeking nominations for the top talent managers for YouTube creators in 2020

Business Insider is launching a list of the top talent managers for YouTube creators. Please submit your ideas by December 10.
Premium Advertising 2020-12-02T18:44:39Z

Advertisers are spending again — here are 16 companies that are benefitting the most, from Hulu to TikTok

They include new ad sellers like Instacart and TikTok and traditional media companies like NBCUniversal and Condé Nast.
Premium Advertising 2020-12-02T18:41:18Z

PR industry salaries revealed: How much top firms like FTI Consulting and Prosek Partners pay employees

Salaries range from $62,000 for a senior account executive at finance-focused Prosek Partners to $420,000 for a managing director at FTI Consulting.
Premium Media 2020-12-02T16:37:48Z

How TikTok has impacted industries ranging from music to retail to cybersecurity in 2020, according to an analysis of hundreds of executive interviews

With so much chatter around its early success and possible demise, TikTok has regularly made its way into investor calls this year.
Premium Media 2020-12-02T16:02:26Z

2020 was one of the worst years for media giants like Disney and AT&T, with $13 billion lost, but streaming offers a light at the end of the tunnel

The big shift sweeping the industry can be seen in the growing number of streaming subscribers.
Advertising 2020-12-02T13:33:40Z

The public relations industry is going through big changes — here's the latest on pay, hiring, and hot growth areas

Everything to know about the hot practice areas that are boosting firms' revenue, how to get hired, and what firms pay.
Premium Media 2020-12-02T13:31:28Z

8 media kits that got influencers brand sponsorship deals on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok

Business Insider spoke with 8 influencers on social media who shared the exact media kits they use to land sponsorships, which include rates.
Advertising 2020-12-02T13:30:23Z

Inside Amazon: Everything we know about the e-commerce giant's growing advertising business

Amazon's ad business is projected to top $17 billion in 2020, but other retailers like Walmart and Instacart are trying to chip away at its dominance.
Advertising 2020-12-02T13:26:42Z

2020's up and comers of advertising from firms like Droga5, BBH LA, and Laundry Service

These pros come from traditional ad agencies and consulting companies, production companies expanding into marketing, and specialty agencies.
Advertising 2020-12-02T13:13:50Z

The top technology PR people to know in 2020

They include names from venture capital firms, SaaS companies, startups, established PR firms, and small agencies.
Advertising 2020-12-02T00:23:11Z

Assessing the media damage in 2020

In this week's Insider Advertising: The year in media losses, SPACs eye digital media, November's top stories.
Premium Media 2020-12-01T18:53:09Z

13 influencers say a talent-management firm took their money and failed to deliver on promises. Here are the red flags creators should watch out for when looking for representation.

IQ Advantage, a talent-management firm, promised to help influencers secure brand deals. But there was a catch: a $299 deposit.
Premium Media 2020-12-01T15:31:09Z

A TikTok exec who holds 'growth strategy sessions' with brands explains her key takeaways for using the platform effectively

CeCe Vu is the lead for fashion and beauty partnerships on TikTok, where she works closely with brands and creators on making viral content.
Advertising 2020-12-01T15:01:00Z

B2Bs are figuring out how to stay in business, operate, and recover in a COVID-19 world

Just as consumers are adjusting to life during the pandemic, B2Bs are figuring out how to stay in business, operate and recover.
Premium Advertising 2020-12-01T13:45:00Z

9 tech, consulting, and healthcare companies experts say WPP could target as it gears up to start buying again

Experts say these companies could help WPP compete with consulting companies like Accenture and Deloitte.
Premium Advertising 2020-12-01T13:36:15Z

Mondelez explains how customized Sour Patch Kids and direct sales are helping online commerce soar in the pandemic

It's capitalizing on the growth in online sales with a new site called OreoID where people can people design their own cookies.
Premium Media 2020-12-01T13:29:07Z

How much money an Instagram influencer with 1 million followers charges for sponsored content and the 8-page media kit she uses

Alexa Collins, an Instagram influencer with 1.2 million followers, shares the media kit she uses to pitch brands.
Premium Advertising 2020-12-01T12:34:26Z

TV advertising needs to move a lot faster to fix its targeting problems, because digital video platforms like YouTube and Snap are coming hard after mainstream ad budgets

The industry's one saving grace is the perception that only traditional television is worth of TV ads and TV budget, says columnist Mike Shields.
Media 2020-12-01T01:01:00Z

The Podcast Audience Report

In The Podcast Audience Report, Insider Intelligence breaks down the demographics of US podcast listeners.
Advertising 2020-11-30T22:39:03Z

The cautionary tale of IQ Advantage, a talent management firm that focused on micro influencers

Business Insider's top advertising and media stories for December 1.
Tech 2020-11-30T19:00:38Z

Facebook is buying the customer service startup Kustomer, furthering its push into e-commerce

It's unclear how much Facebook paid in the acquisition, but the deal reportedly values the customer-service and chatbot startup at about $1 billion.
Premium Media 2020-11-30T18:35:31Z

Spotify salaries revealed: Data shows how much the company pays for US jobs in marketing, engineering, and more

Business Insider analyzed US disclosure data to gauge what Spotify offered to pay staffers for some marketing, engineering, product, and other jobs.
Premium Media 2020-11-30T18:34:00Z

The founders of news startup The Recount break down their plan to become a $200 million business as politics gets boring again

Founders John Heilemann and John Battelle started with a focus on politics, but they're expanding to areas like technology and culture.
Premium Media 2020-11-30T16:22:22Z

How a 91-year-old record label is using TikTok to promote its artists, including hiring micro influencers to spark trends

RCA Records' digital marketing lead, Tarek Al-Hamdouni, walked Business Insider through the label's strategy for promoting artists and songs on TikTok.
Premium Advertising 2020-11-30T13:36:27Z

Meet the 40 rising stars of Madison Avenue who are revolutionizing advertising in 2020

In a year when the pandemic is upending all aspects of advertising, these up-and-comer are rising to clients' challenges.
Premium Advertising 2020-11-30T13:29:52Z

A former Daniel J. Edelman Holdings exec is suing the company, alleging disability and racial discrimination

Jigar Thakarar alleged that DJE failed to accommodate his depression and anxiety that he claimed was prolonged by an overseas assignment.
Advertising 2020-11-29T23:32:12Z

What happened to J. Walter Thompson, the world's oldest ad agency

Business Insider's top advertising and media stories for November 30.
Premium Advertising 2020-11-28T14:38:36Z

The rise and fall of J. Walter Thompson, the world's oldest advertising agency

Insiders say the agency collapsed due to a failure to adapt to digital, combined with a headlining lawsuit and short-term management decisions.
Premium Media 2020-11-27T19:01:07Z

10 digital media companies that are hot acquisition targets, including Patch and TheSkimm

Business Insider asked eight digital media experts to predict which digital media companies that could get acquired in the coming months.
Premium Tech 2020-11-27T18:35:38Z

Meet the 15 executives in Google CEO Sundar Pichai's trusted inner circle who are leading the company's most critical businesses

Sundar Pichai's inner circle of advisors is called Google Leads, a group of 15 executives from across the company's most critical areas.
Premium Advertising 2020-11-27T18:34:42Z

Wall Street is in love with digital ad stocks again — but investors could be missing a big blind spot

Adtech stocks are up 57% year-to-date, but some experts say the gains aren't sustainable.
Premium Media 2020-11-27T13:56:54Z

BuzzFeed's acquisition of HuffPost has kicked off speculation of more digital media tie-ups, and SPACs are already circling

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies armed with hundreds of millions of dollars are already evaluating a variety of digital media ventures.
Media 2020-11-26T14:05:00Z

Sign up for the Chart of the Day Newsletter

The Chart of the Day newsletter is a daily email packed with data and key statistics on the biggest trends in today's most disruptive industries.
Tech 2020-11-26T04:27:49Z

Facebook's AI-fueled attempt to block bad ads is hurting legitimate small business owners — and its 'pay-to-play' customer support is leaving them stranded ahead of the holiday shopping season

When Facebook incorrectly bans ads, smaller advertisers say they pay the price because of slow, opaque, and inconsistent customer support.
Premium Advertising 2020-11-25T18:40:29Z

Meet the top 36 public relations pros in the tech industry

With the techlash causing reputation problems in the tech industry, corporations are turning to these PR pros to court favor with the press.
Media 2020-11-25T17:29:35Z

The top agents and managers for influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok

This week's rundown includes inside how ViacomCBS is casting and promoting a reality TV show using TikTok talent.
Advertising 2020-11-24T23:38:03Z

Change in media company leadership is in the air

This week in Insider Advertising: Across TV, digital and print news media, insiders are talking of transitions.
Premium Advertising 2020-11-24T16:38:00Z

The podcast market is booming. Here are 5 audio firms that could be acquired next and who might buy them.

Experts speculated that podcast giant Wondery and monetization platform Headgum could be ripe for acquisition.
Premium Advertising 2020-11-24T16:17:00Z

Public relations giant BCW is starting to build e-commerce sites for clients, and it shows how the lines between PR and advertising are blurring

The firm says it already has a dozen clients for the service, which includes content marketing and performance media campaigns.
Premium Advertising 2020-11-24T16:02:00Z
Advertising 2020-11-24T15:00:00Z

B2Bs are figuring out how to stay in business, operate, and recover in a COVID-19 world

Just as consumers are adjusting to life during the pandemic, B2Bs are figuring out how to stay in business, operate and recover.
Premium Media 2020-11-24T13:47:00Z

EXCLUSIVE: An interactive database of the top talent managers and agents for influencers and who they represent

We created an exclusive interactive database that gives an inside look at who is working with the top creators on social media in 2020.
Media 2020-11-24T01:01:00Z

The Podcast Audience Report

In The Podcast Audience Report, Insider Intelligence breaks down the demographics of US podcast listeners.
Advertising 2020-11-23T22:50:00Z

Conservative news upstarts are looking to cash in on Trump's viewers

Business Insider's top advertising and media stories for November 24.
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