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Markets 2020-06-23T10:23:10Z
burton malkiel burton malkiel

Day trading for fun is a 'losing proposition,' Princeton economist and Burton Malkiel warns

"To go and day trade and think that you are investing, that's what I think is absolutely wrong and is likely to be simply disastrous for people."
Tech 2020-06-22T18:29:00Z
Tim Cook Tim Cook

Apple has unveiled major upgrades to the iPhone, its own chips for the Mac, and much more. Here's everything Apple announced at its biggest event of the year.

Apple's WWDC 2020 keynote focused on iOS 14, updates for the Apple Watch, and the announcement that Apple will develop its own Mac chips.
Politics 2020-06-23T10:53:50Z

Seattle mayor says ities will shut down the cop-free autonomous zone after outbursts of violence and 3 shootings

The zone was set up as a haven from police brutality, but in recent days a series of violent incidents have prompted calls for ities to step in.
Tech 2020-06-23T01:28:07Z
sundar pichai jeff bezos
Premium Politics 2020-06-22T17:38:26Z
Mike Pence and Karen Pence

Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, voted by mail in April from a mansion they haven't lived in for 4 years

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife voted by mail in Indiana's GOP primary using an address they haven't lived at for nearly four years.
Premium Tech 2020-06-23T10:05:39Z
Eilert Giertsen Hanoa Kahoot CEO

Check out the pitch deck Microsoft-backed unicorn education startup Kahoot used to raise $28 million in funding

The edtech industry is set to be worth $230 billion globally by 2025.
Premium Finance 2020-06-22T20:48:26Z

Credit-card data is broken. Here's how hedge funds and banks are trying to retool one of the original alt-data trades.

Firms are using techniques like post-stratification weighting and "swarming" to help correct how the pandemic has skewed alternative data sets.
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Politics 2020-06-23T12:31:48Z

The 'Students for Trump' campaign scrapped online registration for his next event after TikTok teens hijacked sign-ups for his Tulsa rally

Teens and K-pop fans reportedly flooded the registration form for Trump's June 20 rally in Tulsa, leading the campaign to expect a huge turnout.
Politics 2020-06-23T12:24:22Z

The Trump administration has called Huawei a 'parasite' and warned Boris Johnson not to let it attach to the UK

The Trump administration is furious with Boris Johnson over plans to build a Huawei research centre in England.
Markets 2020-06-23T12:24:00Z

American Airlines is raising another $3.5 billion, validating Warren Buffett's decision to dump the 'big four' carriers

"They are saying to the debt holders and investors, 'You've got to put more money into this business if we're going to be able to continue.'"
Premium Markets 2020-06-23T12:24:00Z

Morgan Stanley handpicks 10 stocks to buy now for the richest profits as travel and outdoor activities transform in the post-pandemic world

A large team of analysts concluded that these companies will benefit the most from the big changes to how travel and tourism are conducted.
Markets 2020-06-23T12:22:00Z

A forensic financial expert broke down the numbers behind scandal-hit German fintech Wirecard, whose ex-CEO was just arrested

German payments group Wirecard has come under intense suspicion for claiming that $2 billion from its balance sheet likely never existed.
Premium Finance 2020-06-23T12:20:00Z

'Value is not working:' Inside a 2-day virtual gathering of bargain-seeking investors struggling with a market that's been stacked against them for a decade

"If you want to find value hidden beneath a rock, be prepared to do some heavy lifting," one speaker's final slide read.
Markets 2020-06-23T12:18:14Z

Europe's economy bounced back sharply in June, but is not quite on track for a 'v-shaped' recovery yet, according to a widely-watched business survey

Markets will take only modest comfort from the business surveys as there isn't firm evidence of a strong 'V' shaped recovery for any economy.
Premium Finance 2020-06-23T12:18:00Z
Tech 2020-06-23T12:05:00Z

These 10 tiny 真人百家家乐网站homes in a Florida village are available to buy for under $85,000 as demand grows for efficient living away from dense major cities

Escape 真人百家家乐网站homes is catering to increasing flexibility for white-collar workers who no longer have to live and work near now-shuttered corporate offices.
Insider Intelligence 2020-06-23T12:00:00Z

Get the latest news, data, highlights, and analysis from the Business Insider Intelligence research team - FREE

The Business Insider Intelligence Daily is a free newsletter providing analytical insight and data-driven research on the trends driving industries.
Transportation 2020-06-22T18:00:19Z

The best used cars you can get for under $15,000, as the pandemic turns auto sales into a buyer's market

Used cars offer an attractive and more affordable alternative to buying new.
Tech 2020-06-22T20:14:06Z

The new Apple Watch update will detect when you're washing your hands to make sure you do it for long enough

Hand-washing, while always a necessity, has become more important than ever to do properly due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Tech 2020-06-22T20:31:06Z

This electric bike was designed in Nepal using local bamboo to transport tourists and packages — here's how it works

It's designed to cut down on fossil fuel emissions and traffic congestion in the city, especially around historical sites.
Politics 2020-06-22T16:20:23Z

Trump told John Bolton that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Nikki Haley a 'c---,' according to Bolton's new book

Tillerson's remark during an argument with Haley at a dinner with Trump would have been a fireable offense "in most administrations," Bolton wrote.
Retail 2020-06-22T21:08:01Z

Cheese is more expensive than ever before. Here's why.

The pandemic has whipped up a perfect storm of supply chain issues that have sent the price of cheese through the roof.

'This is a setup': Cuomo says Trump is going to lose the election and then claim fraud

"I believe this is a setup ... They're going to lose the election. I think they're going to claim fraud," Cuomo said on CNN.
Premium Healthcare 2020-06-23T12:00:00Z

We got an exclusive look at the pitch deck BrightInsight used to raise $40 million by convincing investors that it can help Big Pharma go digital

BrightInsight's new cash will go towards technology that helps large drugmakers do more "digital" clinical trials.
Premium Advertising 2020-06-23T12:00:00Z

'It's become a CMO-level priority': Roku's chief marketer shares how it's cashing in on the streaming boom during the pandemic and pitching advertisers at the NewFronts

Roku is pitching advertisers on flexibility and incrementality amid the pandemic during the NewFronts this week.
Politics 2020-06-23T11:54:34Z

Trump called for protesters who deface statues to be jailed, after demonstrators targeted a statue of President Andrew Jackson right outside the White House

"I have ized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument," tweeted Trump.
Markets 2020-06-23T11:54:26Z

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

This is what traders are talking about.
Politics 2020-06-23T11:41:59Z

Boris Johnson says people can go to pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and meet friends and family indoors from July 4

Johnson's government has also introduced a new "one metre plus" rule to replace the two-metre rule.
Politics 2020-06-23T11:26:39Z

Evidence of Russia's 'likely hold' over Trump was covered up by the UK government, according to a former British spy

Former MI6 spy Christopher Steele says the Theresa May government threw a "blanket" over information regarding Trump's ties with Putin.
Markets 2020-06-23T11:10:37Z

Wirecard pops almost 30% as its former CEO is arrested in connection with the company's $2.2 billion accounting scandal

German prosecutors arrested Wirecard's ex-CEO Markus Braun on Tuesday on suspicions of false accounting and manipulative business practices,
Reviews 2020-06-23T11:02:00Z

The best deals and sales happening on Amazon right now⁠⁠ — save $200 on the 13" MacBook Pro with 1TB of storage

We've rounded up the best sales and deals happening on Amazon today, with discounts on tech, 真人百家家乐网站home goods, and more.
Premium Strategy 2020-06-23T11:00:00Z

The head of Edward Jones shares the company's plan for reopening offices during the pandemic and what it takes to land a job at the financial-services firm managing $1.3 trillion in assets

Penny Pennington was recently impressed by an employee who equipped every single associate at the financial-services firm to work remotely.
Tech 2020-06-23T10:59:12Z

Apple will let app makers challenge its App Store rules after a week of developer backlash

Apple has surprised developers by telling them that, from later this summer, they can challenge its App Store review process and guidelines.
Politics 2020-06-22T18:40:10Z

White House press secretary says Trump's racist 'kung flu' comment was 'linking' the coronavirus 'to its place of origin'

Trump's top aide Kellyanne Conway condemned the term "kung flu" as "highly offensive" and "wrong" in March.
Retail 2020-06-22T16:38:46Z

Valentino sues NYC landlord to exit 15-year Fifth Avenue store lease, alleging that the once prestigious shopping area is no longer 'workable' as a luxury shopping destination

Valentino is the latest retailer to sue its landlord in order to terminate an expensive lease in central Manhattan.
Transportation 2020-06-22T20:11:07Z

Airbus just trucked its final A380 fuselage through a small French village as the world's largest airliner is killed off

Production of the Airbus A380 is expected to end in 2021 as demand for the world's largest passenger jet dried up even before the pandemic.
Premium Tech 2020-06-22T17:30:52Z

The head of Snapchat's news division has left the company

Xana O'Neill was in charge of Snapchat's original news shows and its partnerships with news outlets on its Discover platform.
Transportation 2020-06-22T20:35:31Z

Driving a convertible during the COVID-19 pandemic 'doesn't present any great risks'

The important thing here is to make sure the inside of the car hasn't been exposed to the virus.
Politics 2020-06-23T10:44:12Z

A House committee is investigating the Department of 真人百家家乐网站homeland Security after it gave Nigel Farage special permission to enter the US for Trump's Tulsa rally

DHS allowed the leader of the Brexit Party to enter the US despite travel restrictions last Friday, saying it was "in the national interest."
Retail 2020-06-23T10:08:23Z

Some of the UK's biggest shopping centres are at the risk of shutting down as malls giant Intu struggles with funding

Intu is relying on standstill agreements ahead of a funding arrangement deadline with lenders on June 26.
Markets 2020-06-23T10:02:53Z

Global stocks bounce after Trump reassures investors that the US-China trade deal is still on

Trump tweeted "The China Trade Deal is fully intact. Hopefully they continue to live up to the terms of the Agreement."
Media 2020-06-23T10:00:00Z

4 ways COVID-19 could impact digital media and marketing

This FREE report gives insight to how disruptions from the coronavirus will ripple throughout the business world, including the digital media space.
Science 2020-06-23T09:54:07Z

The White House has halted mandatory COVID-19 temperature checks and symptom screening for most visitors and staff

Checks will remain for those in "close proximity" to President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

The Trump campaign is rethinking massive arena rallies after Saturday's poor turnout in Tulsa

The campaign had boasted of a huge interest in the June 20 Tulsa rally. The arena ended up half empty and aides had to cancel an overflow event.
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